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Batchmix was amongst the first independent quarrying and ready-mixed concrete companies to achieve ISO 14001, an internationally recognized standard for controlling and improving our environmental performance. We are constantly seeking to enhance our environmental performance in order to maintain this high standard.

Buying from a local concrete producer such as Batchmix reduces the distance that minerals are transported thereby reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. Over the past 10 years we have invested a new energy efficient processing plant that has reduced the energy used to process our products. The plant has also been relocated within the quarry to reduce the visual and noise impact on the surrounding rural environment. An extensive program of tree planting has also been carried out.

At our concrete plant we have facilities to recycle any waste arising from the concrete we produce. Many of the concrete mixes we produce incorporate blast furnace slag a by-product from the steel industry as a cement substitute. The use of slag improves the performance of the concrete as well as having an environmental benefit by reducing embodied CO2.

Our quarries are managed to create valuable wildlife habitat both within our working quarries and at quarries that have been restored at the end of quarrying activities. Our active quarry at Scrooby Top supports a large colony of sand martins that return each year after spending the winter in central Africa.

Scroooby Top Quarry is a geological Site of Special Scientific Interest due to its exposure Nottingham Castle Sandstone Formation. Quarrying at the site has allowed geologists to further their overall understanding of ancient river systems and has provided insights into the palaeogeopraphy of the region during the Triassic period.