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For the majority of common applications the most convenient way to specify a concrete mix is to use a designated concrete. Designated concrete mixes for various applications are described with a simple code number; this code allows the mix required to be easily communicated to the supplier. There are designated mixes suitable for a wide range of housing, structural and other applications. Producers of designated concrete must have in place a system of third party accreditation for their production control and product conformity. This accreditation allows the customer to be confident that concrete supplied with be suitable for the required application.

Application Designated Mix Recommended Consistence Class
Unreinforced foundations and associated works requiring design chemical class 1 (DC-1)
Drainage works to give immediate support GEN1 S1 (10-40mm)
Blinding and mass concrete fill, strip footings, mass concrete foundations, oversite below suspended slabs, other drainage works GEN1 S3 (100-150mm)*
Trench fill foundations GEN1 S4 (160-210mm)
Unreinforced foundations requiring DC-2 to DC-4 concrete
DC-2 foundations FND2 S3 (100-150mm)*†
DC-2z foundations FND2Z S3 (100-150mm)*†
DC-3 foundations FND3 S3 (100-150mm)*†
DC-3z foundations FND3Z S3 (100-150mm)*†
DC-4 foundations FND4 S3 (100-150mm)*†
DC-4z foundations FND4Z S3 (100-150mm)*†
DC-4m foundations FND4M S3 (100-150mm)*†
General applications
Kerb bedding and backing GEN0 S1 (10-40mm)
House floors with no embedded metal, permanent finish to be added, eg a screed or floating floor GEN1 S2 (50-90mm)
House floors with no embedded metal, no permanent finish to be added, eg carpeted GEN2 S2 (50-90mm)
Garage floors with no embedded metal GEN3 S2 (50-90mm)
Wearing surface: light foot and trolley traffic RC25/30 S2 (50-90mm)
Wearing surface: general industrial RC32/40 S2 (50-90mm)
Wearing surface: heavy industrial RC40/50 S2 (50-90mm)
House drives and domestic parking PAV1 S2 (50-90mm)*
Heavy-duty external paving with rubber tyre vehicles PAV2 S2 (50-90mm)*

* This is the default slump class for this designated concrete

† For trench fill, the recommended consistence class is S4 (160-210mm)